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Another of my favourites: the Razor Crest

A unique ship. the Razor Crest is the lead vessel of "The Mandalorian", in possession of Din Djarin, better known as Mando or the Mandalorian.

It's a beautiful ship. It was built before the empire and also managed to outlive it. The Crest has been shown to take a considerable beating. It crashed multiple times and has been shot at many times as well.

The Crest was forced to land on Maldo Kreis by the New Republic pursuing it. It landed on the ice. The ice, however, was not able to hold the weight of the Crest. The Crest then dropped through the ice and into a cave, where it was attacked by a massive spider.

Razor Crest at Maldo Kreis

The Crest was also ransacked by Jawas on Tattooine. It was later restored with the help of Kuiil.

Razor Crest next to a Jawa Sand Crawler

The ship also crashed on Trask after a misfire in its right engine, a few feet above the landing platform, where it was later pulled from the water by a crane.

It was then "repaired" by a Mon Kalamari for 1000 credits. However, it was a shoddy job and left only the cockpit with a pressurized atmosphere. It was later repaired on Tattooine.

Crest being lifted from water

Sadly, the Razor Crest was later destroyed on Tython by an imperial remnant. Even though we got lots of Razor Crest content, we never got enough. It's all very sad.

The Razor Crest is destroyed

The only "Razor Crest" model I was able to find was a LEGO set, which is not a great option. It would've been really great if there was an EagleMoss model, but there is not.

LEGO set of the Razor Crest

The Crest also had a small sleeping chamber next to the ladder. I'm not sure how comfortable that was, as it seemed very small — especially for two.

The cockpit was also able to serve as a sleeping chamber, shown multiple times throughout the series.

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