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Time loops!

It's time to make a collection of time loops in TV shows and movies! I'm a sucker for those, so I'm making a list. While more exists than this lists, these are just the ones I've seen and liked. There's also movies like ARQ and See You Yesterday, but I didn't like those.

Now, I obviously can't ignore the classic time loop everybody loves, so I'll make it the first.

Groundhog Day

The classic. Bill Murray is stuck in a time loop and must become a better man in order to break free.

Legends of Tomorrow's "Here I go again"

The newest member of the timeship "Waverider" must find her place. She gets to know everyone when she gets stuck in a time loop and the ship keeps blowing up.

Happy Death Day

The main character keeps getting killed and waking up on the same morning. Will she be able to end the killings?

Russian Doll

An entire TV show made of time loops! I don't remember much else aside from that.

Star Trek: Discovery's "Magic Make The Sanest Man Go Mad"

Harry Mudd wants to destroy the starship Discovery, and he has time-loop technology to do it!

Star Trek: The Next Generation's "Cause And Effect"

The crew of the Starship are stuck in a time loop, slowly remembering previous loops… Will they be able to break out of the loop?

Palm Springs

A full movie of time-loop goodness with a great cast.

Edge of Tomorrow

A military man (Tom Cruise) has to stop an alien invasion, with near-infinite chances to do so.

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